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Groups in Opasnet describe different ways of organising activities in Opasnet. There are different kinds of groups with different objectives, tasks, and nomination procedures. The most important groups are called teams, flocks, squads, reserves, swarms, and tribes.


In what kinds of groups should Opasnet activities be organised? How are the groups organised?


Terms for different groups in open assessment.
Name in English Name in Finnish Description of group Leader exists? Self-organised? Focus Reason for existence Tools
Team Työryhmä A group of people nominated or selected by one or more organisations and involved in the same activity. The group has a leader. Yes No Task Nomination Todo, Watch, Task
Squad Iskuryhmä An organised (possibly self-organised) group that has a leader and an explicit objective. Members are not nominated by any organisation. Yes Yes Task Activity Todo, Watch, Task, Participant list
Flock , swarm Parvi , lauma, kuhina Unorganised group of people interested in a topic and following it. The group is aware of the situation with the topic. The group includes also those who actively participate in the topic. No Yes Topic Activity Todo, Watch, Task, Participant list
Reserve, muster Reservi, valmiusjoukko, vahvuus A group of people who are willing to be involved in activities related to an explicit topic if need be. The group does not have a leader but there must be a way to contact the group when there is a need to activate it. Maybe Yes Topic group Interest Watch, Task, Participant list
Tribe Heimo A group of people belonging to reserves of different topics and sharing the sense of belonging to the society of reserves. Maybe Yes Group Interest Watch, Task, Participant list


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