Meta-database of biologically active compounds

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  • Name: DWP5-10 Database interface for risk-benefit assessment
  • Responsible partner: THL, Olli
  • Deadline: March 2014
  • Status: Not started

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What is a good sustainable integrated meta-database of biologically active compounds, which links to validated datasets on residues and contaminants related to food?


THL, ICC and IFR will develop an Internet-based interface where users can access, combine, by plant and compound, and discuss information for risk-benefit assessment. SISTE and UNIS will support the design of the interface ensuring its ability to meet stakeholders’ and policymakers’ needs (the interface is DWP5-10). In this context, THL will make selected case-studies available to the public through the Opasnet platform, when possible (MWP5-7). THL and Hylo will provide the Analytica based software for conducting risk-benefit assessments (MWP5-7). THL and Hylo will develop guidance for conducting risk-benefit assessments of plants, extracts, preparations and individual products which will be made available online (DWP5-11).

Task leader: THL



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