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Important pages about modelling

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Pages about Opasnet modelling

How can I model with Opasnet?

Modelling with Opasnet is a portal to pages that contain tools and instructions for modelling in a collaborative way. We offer several different ways to work:

  • You can take an existing assessment (or model) from an Opasnet page simply by copying the content and pasting it onto a new page. Then, you can adjust any content to match your own case and needs.
  • You can access our database Opasnet base 2 and download any data for your work.
  • You can write R code on your page to develop new models.
  • You can install the OpasnetUtils package for R into your own computer and access most of the functionalities of Opasnet modelling. However, some GIS and graphical functionalities (located in the OpasnetUtilsExt package) cannot be used outside Opasnet.

Anyone can solve common problems. Opasnet is the web workspace for solving them by you, and by us together.

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