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What are the working habits and functionalities that could be used in research and other projects, when Opasnet is used as a workspace?


List of practical habits and functionalities. For details, see links. In the text, we talk about Opasnet, but everything applies to Heande as well. Heande is a similar web-workspace for material that must be protected with password.

  • Todo template for assigning tasks to workspace users. Each user has a personal task list containing all his/her tasks. In addition, task lists for projects can be automatically maintained as well. Examples: Opasnet, User:Jouni
  • Reports and deliverables can be written and edited directly in Opasnet (examples: Benefit-risk assessment of food supplements, Meta-database of biologically active compounds). This saves from sending drafts back and forth, and commenting is easy any time. For brief guidance to wiki editing, see Help:Editing. It also clarifies the tasks, as drafts of every planned report can be created already in the beginning of the project, and the progress can be easily monitored.
  • Person-month and progress reports can be written directly in Opasnet. If data tables are used, information can be automatically downloaded and used in computing e.g. summaries. Examples (in Finnish): Avoimia tehtäviä, Aikakone.
  • If the project involves computing or modelling, this can be used directly in Opasnet using Opasnet Base for data storage and R tool for computing or illustrating data. Examples: Energy balance.
  • Opasnet File can be used to upload permanent files such as reports and articles to Opasnet and show links to them on defined pages. Working files or image files that are directly shown on wiki pages, those are uploaded to the wiki itself, not to Opasnet File.


Based on personal experience about what works and what doesn't.

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