Axioms of open assessment

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What are the statements that cannot be evaluated scientifically but are necessary for a coherent open assessment system?


Axioms of open assessment:

  1. The reality exists. There is exactly one reality where all things are and everything happens.
  2. The reality is a continuum. Reality is a continuum in the sense that there are no discontinuous events where e.g. objects suddenly appear to or disappear from existence without a reason (compare to Last Thursdayism).
  3. I can reason. I can and do think (in the sense of Descartes' Cogito ergo sum). Therefore, I also exist. I can use my comprehension to develop a description about what reality is.
  4. I can observe. I have senses that I can use to observe reality. Observations give me information about reality. However, my observations and reasonings are imperfect.
  5. Individuals can communicate. There are other individuals who also can observe reality, collect information and develop descriptions about reality. An individual can observe also other individuals, communicate his/her observations and descriptions of reality to others. Therefore, he/she and I can thus develop understanding of the reality also based on communicated observations and reasonings in the spirit of Trialogue.
  6. Not everyone is a systematic liar. There is at least some truth value in the descriptions of other individuals. In other words, the other individuals do not together and systematically attempt to describe reality to me in a way that is different than what they describe it to themselves (compare the situation in the movie Truman show). (This does not rule out the possibility that some or all individuals systematically tell me untrue statements that they themselves believe in.)


Axioms are based on intuition and thinking. R↻

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